In 30 years, we’ve become a major player in the French food market. Thanks to our organic growth, our business creation strategy and some acquisitions, we’ve been able to take a significant position in the bread, baked goods and convenience food markets.


since 1992

Founded in France by Bruno Caron, Chairman, in 1992, our group features 11 subsidiaries, including five located abroad: in Germany, Brazil, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States. Norac is now one of the leading companies in the French and European mass-market bread, baked goods and convenience food markets. We are the largest French producer of sandwiches and filled pancakes, the first viennoiserie distributor in Germany and one of the top three companies for pastries, bread and cakes in France.


The group’s 23  production sites are located in France and abroad. They are divided into 3 main activities :

– Bread, viennoiserie, pastry
– Meals-to-go
– Food service



Our products are distributed both as national brands and as private-label products. They are made available in almost every retail chain in Europe and in many in Brazil as well as in the US and used by many of the largest restaurants and catering companies.

Notre vision et nos objectifs

our vision

A sustainable growth alongside current food and nutrition trends and a profound respect for the environment: this is our vision. Each Norac subsidiary is well-positioned in one or more growing food markets, driven by changing food habits across the world. Business acumen and an innovative spirit are combined to ensure profitable growth over the long-term.

our goals

Norac Group is active in a number of food and beverage retail markets. Our goal has always been to grow, manufacture and distribute high-quality, affordable and honest products for everybody to enjoy, in all sizes and for any time of the day. Whether they specialize in bread and baked goods, food to go, vegetables, desserts or pastries, our group’s companies work tirelessly to improve their products according to three directions: better taste experience, better nutrition and better environmental impact. Nutrition and sustainable development are top priorities for Norac group. This is reflected in our desire to reduce the impact on our environment, promote the use of more natural ingredients, identify and use the latest cutting-edge agronomic technology. These goals drive us to constantly improve products and enable us to choose the best possible paths to meet nutritional and quality challenges going forward.

Notre vision et nos objectifs

Chiffres Clés

production sites
19 in France,
4 internationally, including the latest one in San Antonio (USA) opened in 2023
The group owes its success to the skills and expertise of our associates, their leadership capacity and their ability to overcome challenges. Our approach to team management relies on a positive attitude: trust and a willingness to let our teams’ business acumen shine through. The sheer diversity of people and talent on display here drives our group to success.
subsidiary companies
We have always placed the virtues of local initiative and personal business acumen at the heart of our management policy. Our 11 subsidiaries and each of their upper-level managers are granted a great deal of autonomy when it comes to making decisions: this is the DNA of the whole group.
years of know-how



Bruno Caron becomes sales director for Le Ster biscuit factory


Bruno Caron takes over as general manager and gradually takes ownership of Le Ster.


Groupe Norac is founded


Partnership with the company La Boulangère. Daunat and C.Faure (Whaou!) are acquired.


Company Pain Concept is founded.
Acquisition of Pain Clément


Norac Foods Spain and Pâtissnack are founded
The group acquires Sud'n'Sol, Took Took, and Daniel Dessaint


Panorient is acquired.
Goûters Magiques is founded.


Goûters Magiques acquires Armor Délices.
Sudaphi is founded, 1st plant abroad.


Norac do Brasil is founded.


Partnership with the Ibis distribution company.
Creation of Norac Foods UK and Norac USA.


Norac became Goûters Magiques' only stakeholder by acquiring a 40% stake in Goûters Magiques, previously owned by the Galapagos Group.


Lili's Borwnies is acquired.


Creation of Premium Foods Solutions which unites Dessaint Food Service and Sud'n'Sol.


Development of a bread and pastry range in Brazil.
So'Nigiri is acquired.


Opening of a new production site in San Antonio, Texas (USA)

Carte de nos sites

Unités commerciales
Unités commerciales
Pain et viennoiserie
Pain et viennoiserie
Agropôle, 47 310 Estillac, FRANCE
Z.A. de Bel air, 56 130 Marzan, FRANCE
Took Took
15 Rue Louis Armand, 29 600 Saint-Martin-des-Champs, FRANCE
Dessaint Crêpes
Zone Artipôle 2, Allée de Belgique, 62 128 Wancourt, FRANCE
Daunat Bretagne
ZI de Bellevue, 22 200 Saint-Agathon, FRANCE
Daunat Bourgogne
Z.I. des Fosses Blanches, Les Fossés Blanches, 71 100 Sevrey, FRANCE
Lili's Brownies
Avenue des Tropiques, Les Ulis
Daunat Nord
Boulevard de l'Europe, 62 118 Monchy-le-Preux, FRANCE
Daunat Picardie
Zone du Champ du Roy Chambry, 3 Rue Emile Zola, 02 930 Laon, FRANCE
32 Rue Gustave Eiffel, 77 220 Gretz-Armainvilliers, FRANCE
Beaune Brioche
Route de Verdun, 21200 Beaune, FRANCE
67 Le Vieux Moulin, 76 890 Val-de-Saâne, FRANCE
Armor Délices
ZI de Bellevue, 22 200 Saint-Agathon, FRANCE
15 ZI de Keriel, 29 800 Plouédern, FRANCE
Le Ster
ZI du Pigeon Blanc, 56 500 Locminé, FRANCE
Gaillard Pâtissier
Rue Tristan Corbière, 56 500 Locminé, FRANCE
Ouest Boulangère
10 Rue Olivier de Serres, 85 500 Les Herbiers, FRANCE
La Viennoiserie Ligérienne
647 Rue Antoine Carême, 85 290 Mortagne sur Sèvre, FRANCE
Pain Concept
Avenue des Chênes, 85 210 Sainte-Hermine, FRANCE
Norac foods UK
144 Liverpool Road - N1 1LA London UNITED KINGDOM
Pascalstraße 14, D-52076 Aachen GERMANY
Norac Foods Spain
C/Cobre 82-83 28890 loeches Madrid SPAIN
Norac USA
2050 Coral Way, suite 601 Miami Florida 33 145 USA
Forks Township
Norac do Brasil
Rua Lima Barros,49 – Jardim Paulista CEP 04503-030 - São Paulo, BRAZIL
ZI de la Folie Sud - 38 rue de Charles Tellier - 85310 La Chaize Le Vicomte