Eat well and quickly

eating quickly does not mean overlooking healthy, diverse and tasty eating options. For our subsidiaries that is a real issue.
Ultra-fresh snacking, varied offers, meal box services, are examples of how our companies work on this major challenge

Focus on high-quality raw materials that are local

Because choosing conventional food does not mean compromising on quality, our companies work everyday at sourcing their raw materials and improving their recipes, simplifying them when possible and favouring local suppliers, thanks to strong partnerships or even the creation of subsidiaries within the agricultural world.

Support consumer changes

Organic, vegetarian, veganism, are very much mediatized. For Norac, this is not new. Almost twenty years ago, we launched our first organic breads. Today, a large part of our French subsidiaries, create organic product that are exported to Europe. The vegetarian snacking offers are expanding not only in France but alos in Brazil. French vegan pastries have crossed the English Channel, whereas the food service division offers vegan appetizers or even vegetable burgers.